Use your CentralBoard PWA on your Raspberry Pi

Each dashboard on CentralBoard is a progressive web app and can be used on each device that can manage Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

What is a PWA?

A progressive web app is a website that can run as a standalone app on your device. For CentralBoard this means you don't need to waste time to set up an HTML-Page to call your dashboard. Just install the PWA and you are ready.

The most dashboard services force you to create an HTML-Page with a useless iframe workaround to display your dashboard on your raspberry pi or recommend you to use a third-person app to display your board.

Download your dashboard app

Step 1.

Open your dashboard list and choose your dashboard that you want to install.

Step 2.

Click on the "Private Dashboard Url*"-Button to open your board in a new tab.

Step 3.

Each browser has different ways to install a PWA, for raspberry pi we recommend to use chromium.

Step 4.

If you open your dashboard in chromium, you need to install the PWA by open "Settings" (IMAGE) and clicking on "Install CentralBoard...".

Step 5.

Accept to install CentralBoard on your raspberry pi by pressing "Install".

Your board is now installed on your raspberry pi and can be opened without open chromium.

Run it in kiosk mode

If you want to start your board in full screen and hide the navigation bar please check out this article. We also explain how you can configure your raspberry pi to start your dashboard automatically and how you can disable the screensaver or hide the mouse.

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